International Film Festival

APRIL 11-17, 2013



Regular screenings:

The Multiplaza CINEPOLIS complex, from April 11 to 17, will host most of the 60 screenings of IFF Panama 2013. In addition to the screenings, panels and open workshops will be dedicated to members of the film industry and movie buffs interested in learning about more topics and issues inherent to film production and details occurring behind the screen.

About Cinepolis

Cinepolis Theaters has been catering to the Panamanian public since September 2012.

This theater is equipped with 32 screening rooms all of which are 100% digital. With more than 21,500 employees throughout Latin America and an infrastructure equipped with the latest technology, Cinepolis is at the forefront of the film industry. It was the first Mexican company to introduce the concept of stadium style multiplexes, IMX theaters and the first theater chain in Latin America with lounges. It has become one of the pioneering chains in the industry by implementing, for the first time in America, 4DX technology to experience films in the fourth dimension.

It is the chain with the largest number of digital screens throughout Latin America. Cinepolis is the only theater to offer a variety of luxury services to its customers including the loyalty program “Club Cinepolis”, reservation services, ticket purchases via phone and Internet through “Cineticket”, and Facebook.

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Photos courtesy of Cinepolis

The Route of Cinema in el Casco

As part of a concept that involves a movie with other cultural and recreational activities of the Casco Viejo of Panama, IFF Panama 2013 foresees the realization of a circuit of showing movies in three places in the old town, in addition to free screenings outdoors to be held in Centennial Park Fifth Cinta Costera. Through this initiative, IFF Panama hopes this historic and tourist area will encourage the enthusiastic cinephile to be taken for a week in Panama City, and establishments such as hotels, restaurants and bars in the area to benefit from the activity.

National Theatre

3rd Street and Avenue B Cathedral, Casco Viejo of Panama
Phone 262-3525

In 1904, Act 52, the new Republic of Panama ordered the construction of the National Theatre. The Italian architect, Genaro Ruggieri, commissioned the theater’s design and the Government Palace. The Duke and Arias Company took over the building and the supervisor of the work was the engineer Florencio Harmodio Arosemena. It was inaugurated on October 1, 1908, coinciding with the inauguration of Don Jose Domingo de Obaldia as President of the Republic.

The theater has a capacity to accommodate 853 guests in amphitheater, auditorium, two floors of balconies and a gallery. The theater also features a foyer, terrace and bar, as well as a backstage. This space has an architecture artistic operetta from Italian cut. A spacious lobby welcomes visitors and provides access to different areas. On the ground floor, the stage provides a deep study for the relocation of the activities and the orchestra pit has been improved to suit the dimensions of modern orchestras. The auditorium and amphitheater form the shapes of two areas of a moon with comfortable seating and a superb view of the stage.

Anita Villalaz Theatre

Las Bovedas, Plaza de Francia, Casco Viejo of Panama
Phone 211-4020 / 211-4017

This building, which once was the courtroom of the Supreme Court, is now creating a new space for art in the city. The building began operating as a theater in 1996, but it was not until late 1999 that it was properly equipped to address the needs of the artistic world. The Anita Villalaz Theatre is a unit of the National Arts National Institute of Culture.

In this miniature Roman theater, there have been presentations of plays, music concerts, folkloric presentations, seminars, workshops and conferences.

The capacity of the theater is 250 seats spread over two areas or levels, 110 seats in the stalls and 140 seats in the gallery (first level). All seats are removable and can be repositioned depending on the activity undertaken.

Photos courtesy of INAC



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