International Film Festival

APRIL 11-17, 2013

Tips for Getting the Most out your Festival Experience


With the opening date approaching, the streets are filled with anticipation and excitement.

Young people talking about it, scheduling screenings and walking by venues with high expectations. The city is, yet again; ready to receive the best of the world’s cinema. You may already be a fan of film, but this is a completely different experience.

Both actors and directors will be amongst the individuals in theaters and around the city. Participants will be time-managing in order to attend as many festival events as possible. Celebration is definitely in the air.

In 2012, directors and actors were seen passing through movie theaters! On lookers would stop them and ask questions or take pictures. That is what the International Film Festival of Panama is all about.

What do we have in common with other international film festivals? IFF Panama offers the opportunity to watch top of the line films that will never reach commercial theaters!

The selection of criteria may vary, however, the International Film Festival of Panama will always showcase unique works and provide a satisfying experience. It also allows an exceptional experience for directors to personally connect with the audience and chance to exchange creative ideas.

Sessions with film casts and crews are other rare opportunities audiences will get to enjoy at the festival. Management, production, photography and many other film-related topics can be discussed within panels, specifically assigned by field of expertise, addressing matters both industry-related and those of the public interest: a glimpse into behind-the-screen happenings.

Once you make that personal connection with the film festival, you will be subject to a gratifying and unforgettable experience. It is an exceptionally good opportunity to look at movies from a new and fresh perspective. This is something you don’t want to miss!

During one week audiences will have the unique opportunity to watch 60 films from around the world.

Information about programming will be available on the Festival website starting March. You can read all about the movies, directors, and how to buy tickets there, as well as watch film trailers.



What happens in a film festival?

A film festival is an event where movies from around the globe are presented during the same week. The directors of the films will be in Panama to share their experience with us. These individulas will come to present their work and at the end of the screenings there will be Q&A sessions in order to exchange opinions and impressions. This year almost 60 international guests will join us in order to enjoy the films with you.

How can I figure out what to watch? I don´t know any directors or actors!

Don´t worry, we are bringing the films that have had the most success around the world, that have been awarded in international festivals and that have been distinguished by the critics, so we are sure that there will be many films you will like.

These are some of the ways by which you can choose the films you want to experience:
By director: see if they have made any other film you have enjoyed, that’s a good indication of the director’s style.
By country: if you know that you enjoy cinema from a particular country.
By theme: the films will be catalogued by the themes they explore or grouped by genre, for example, drama, comedy, sports, women, the environment, etc.

By screening time: if you know that you can only go to the cinema every day at 5p.m., then that’s your film.

Or simply be brave and choose randomly, it’s a good way to explore a different type of cinema.

How do I know which film I’m going to enjoy?

We have films for every taste; among 60 films, we will surely have something that adapts to your tastes. Through our social outreach networks you can ask for recommendations and the festival team will help you choose.

The most important thing is to remember that it’s ok if you watch something you don’t enjoy so very much! There will surely be another film in the program that you will love. Watching a film is a unique experience where one is witness to other types of stories for an hour and a half.

Where is the festival going to be?

The Multiplaza CINEPOLIS complex, from April 11 to 17, will host most of the 60 screenings of IFF Panama 2013. In addition to the screenings, panels and open workshops will be dedicated to members of the film industry and movie buffs interested in learning about more topics and issues inherent to film production and details occurring behind the screen.

The Route of Cinema in el Casco

As part of a concept that involves a movie with other cultural and recreational activities of the Casco Viejo of Panama, IFF Panama 2013, foresees the realization of a circuit of showing movies in three places in the old town, in addition to free screenings outdoors to be held in Centennial Park Fifth Cinta Costera. With this initiative, IFF Panama hopes this historic and tourist area will encourage the enthusiastic cinephile to be taken for a week in Panama City, and establishments such as hotels, restaurants and bars in the area to benefit from the activity.

  • Will there be parking?

Yes, there will be parking available.

  • When can I buy tickets?

We will be announcing the dates tickets will go on sale as we get closer to the dates of the Festival. Stay tuned!

  • Is it necessary to buy tickets ahead of time?

Our most important recommendation is: don’t wait until the last minute. In general tickets in film festivals sell out quickly. Each film will be screened a maximum of 2 times and the seating capacity of the theaters is not very large, so it’s best to ensure your ticket than to be left out!

  • What is the RUSH LINE?

The RUSH LINE is a last minute line that allows those who were not able to buy tickets prior to this date, because they had run out to at the time they tried to do so, to buy tickets the day of: make this line 15 minutes before the beginning of the screening, wait for our personnel to count unoccupied seats and then buy tickets according to seat availability. We thus recommend getting to the theater early; if you get there less than 15 minutes before the beginning of the show you will not have access to go in because… everyone in the RUSH LINE will be waiting ahead of you!

  • Are there Awards?

In the first edition of 2012, IFF Panamá and Copa Airlines gave the power to the audience, in order to choose the best picture, within those making up the Óperas Primas y Panorama Iberoamericano section. It was awarded at that time to the Cuban film Juan de los Muertos, by Alejandro Brugués.

IFF Panama, from that first record, is still committed to the public criteria and adds two more awards from the audience: The Audience Award for Best Documentary, sponsored by K-La Prensa Magazine and involving all documentaries included in the documentary section, MASTERCARD and Public Prize for Best Film of the Central American Cinema section.

Copa Airlines also continues to sponsor the 2013 Audience Award Cup for Best Picture by the eight films that will compete LAS debuts section and 12 films Iberoamerican Panorama section.

  • Do I have to dress formally for the Red Carpet events?

No, there are no dress codes. But it’s a great opportunity to bring out the evening gowns and other gala attire!
Live the complete festival experience.
There is nothing better than a dinner-and-a-movie program. Visit one of our partner restaurants after the film to have the complete experience. You never know where you will meet your favorite director!

How can I find out what’s going on in the festival?

The best way is to visit our website regularly, subscribe to our newsletter to receive festival information. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter to receive our news instantly!