International Film Festival

APRIL 11-17, 2013

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Red Carpets

Join us as we celebrate some of our most highly anticipated films and the dazzling talents behind them on the red carpet.


First Time Directors

Be among the first to discover Latin America’s most dynamic emerging directorial voices in this program of first features from a wide swath of diverse countries—including, of course, Panamá!

Iberoamerican Panorama

Smart, inventive and entertaining, our selection of Ibero-American films include some of the most exciting and internationally celebrated new works from established and emerging filmmakers alike.


International Showcase

From high-profile Oscar contenders to some of the most ambitious and provocative cinematic visions, our international showcase brings together must-see new films from the world’s most celebrated talents.

Stories from Central America

The cinema from this strip of land of neighboring countries, populated by brothers and sisters, is gaining force and forging its own voice.  Finally Central America is making its presence felt with films that are resounding across the globe.  It is with pride that IFF Panama honors these films that tell such personal stories that touch all of us.


“We realized that the important thing was not the film itself but that which the film provoked” Fernando Solanas.

Throughout the last twenty years, documentaries have gained a force that has liberated them from classrooms or anthropological studies. Today everyone watches documentaries.  IFF’s documentary section is varied, selective, touches upon a wide range of subjects and it reflects the singular voice of each director.  These pieces of cinema are motivated by dreams, protest or the intensity of expressing something of extreme importance to the author.

vivan las antipodas

Family Corner

A special space for the entire family to come together and enjoy the magic of the movies, this program highlights the best of today’s most colorful family-friendly films—and provides a glimpse at family life elsewhere.

Selkirk, el verdadero Robinson Crusoe
el gato del rabino

Music and Cinema

A brief overview of our America’s diverse and generous music and interpreters. From recognized and established artists to surprising and unknown characters enlighten us with their endearing sounds. Music, voice and images merge into a single art form.

A tribute to Geraldine Chaplin

Multilingual, multifaceted and a singular presence in the international scene, Geraldine Chaplin has forged a long and diverse acting career. Our tribute to Chaplin highlights her contribution to the Spanish cinema—and, as an added treat, it also includes a silent classic from her famous father.

Special Presentations

Dare to be dazzled by a wide variety of stories and points of view that reflect our commitment to diversity. Each one of this films showcase strong cinematic visions and ways to approach the particular times and circumstances that frame them.

green pornos