International Film Festival

APRIL 11-17, 2013

How to Sponsor Us


IFF Panama would like to invite local and foreign companies to become part of our festival, a world-class event without precedent in Panama, through our sponsorship program.

Why sponsor IFF Panama 2013?
  • The 2012 edition was a complete success in all aspects:  public attendance, media coverage, international guests, and a lot of glamour at all our parties…
  • You can segment your communication in order for it to reach your target audience directly and with unparalleled exposure of your brand or product.
  • It is an effective way to communicate your message to a receptive target audience.
  • We are expecting an audience of approximately 20,000 spectators, composed of both Panamanians and visitors, during the week of the event.
  • Over 60 national and 30 international journalists will cover the event, thus providing broad press coverage.
  • It is a unique opportunity to associate your brand to a first-tier cultural event with national and international reach.
  • We are a strong team of professionals, including members of the government and private enterprise, who understand that after a successful 2012 Festival, our only option is to keep growing.
  • Coverage generated by the Festival goes outside its actual dates, extending the whole year until its next edition.

Our Sponsorships Department can develop a proposal specifically adjusted to your communication objectives and marketing budget.

For more information, please contact:

Raúl Montilla
[email protected]
Tel: 202 0867